XM Studios Welcomes Alex Thomas as Social Media Manager

XM is very excited to announce that Statue Collector and Reviewer Alex Thomas is joining XM as Social Media Manager, starting 1st Oct 2019. Taking up this newly created role, Alex will be helping XM to maintain social engagement across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Alex will also be helping to create video content such as official product overview videos and events coverage. 
Prior to joining XM, Alex has been active in building online communities, creating video content and his genuine passion in the hobby makes him a strong fit within XM.  Alex is very approachable  and is open to suggestions regarding his social media work and feedback on how he could complete his XM promotional videos to higher standards.
Alex, with the rest of the XM team will be attending NYCC 2019 at the XM booth 636, Hall 3E and these are the pieces we will be displaying;

First Worldwide Reveal at NYCC!

  • Harley Quinn - Samurai Series 1/4
  • Robin - Samurai Series 1/4
  • Shazam - Rebirth 1/6 
  • Harley Quinn - Rebirth  1/6 
  • Supergirl - Rebirth 1/6 

Special Reveals (Work in Progress)

  • Darkseid VS JLA 1/6 
  • Iron Maiden - Eddie 1/4


  • Batman Hush 1/6 (Batman Anniversary special line 1 of 3)
  • Batman Bloodstorm 1/6 (Batman Anniversary special line 1 of 3)
  • Green Lantern - Rebirth  1/6
  • Lobo - Rebirth 1/6 
  • Cyborg - Rebirth 1/6
  • Deathstroke - Rebirth  1/6
  • Darkseid - Rebirth 1/6
  • Royal Selangor Batman Samurai Replica (Special Collab in Pewter)
  • Royal Selangor Iron Man & Ultron Replica (Special Collab in Pewter)

Products that are no longer open for sales. Limited Convention allocation on first come first serve basis.

  • Wonder Woman - Rebirth 1/6 
  • Superman - Rebirth 1/6 
  • The Joker - Rebirth 1/6 
  • Aquaman - Rebirth 1/6 
  • The Flash - Rebirth 1/6 
Please drop by if you would like to meet any of us and chat about the hobby feel free and we look forward to seeing all of you at NYCC and seeing the excitement on social media.