A Privilege to Own

The prestige and satisfaction of owning a XM piece is not due solely to our uncompromising quality, outstanding designs and limited availability. Our relentless pursuit of excellence has driven us to push the limits of possibilities, shatter myths and create new grails.

Beyond creating works of art, we strive to perfect the most important element - the collecting experience itself. Exhilaration. Excitement. Pleasure. Pride. Status. The XM experience is real.

Highly valued in limited availability, XM pieces appeal only to the most determined, discerning collectors. Afterall, nothing worth having comes easy. Happy Collecting.

The Benchmark of Quality
From concept design to sculpt, stability engineering, materials used, finishing and packaging; we have spared no expense in sourcing only the best. Post manufacturing, every XM piece is subject to an additional vigorous quality check process by XM’s in-house trained artisans. No piece made by human hands will ever be without flaws, but a XM piece is as close to perfection as it can get.
Handcrafted Luxury Collectibles
Our pieces are crafted and painted painstakingly one at a time by experienced hands not machines. These artisans are carefully selected, trained to exact standards by the XM founders constantly. We respect and pay artisans accordingly because our collectors deserves artisan pieces, not cost-effective factory mass produced products. That’s why a XM piece holds its value well.
Designed to Inspire
Thick and sturdy faux leather packaging with protective metal corners. Hassle-free Velcro straps for easy and reusable handling. Individually serial coded pieces that you can truly call your own. Display centerpieces that tell a story and evoke emotion. But most importantly, we are inspired by the collectors community; our work shaped by the collaborative voice of collectors. A XM piece is more than a collectible, it’s art.

Instagram Gallery from XM Collectors

XM pieces are a joy to behold and a pleasure to photograph. Here you will find delightful Instagram photos of prized XM pieces by real collectors, not professionally touched up photos. Hashtag your photos with #XM, #XMStudios or #XM and share the love. Selected photos will appear on our website and might even win a surprise from XM time to time!

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  • Monday, 18 February 2019

    To better understand the exact nature of the situation, an investigation has been conducted where the customer service team, warehouse and QC logs were reviewed. Below are the findings for every product mentioned above.

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    So here it is, a clear breakdown of the changes we did to Spidey. As usual, we do not claim to be perfect and not everyone's feedback can be incorporated so if you do not see changes that you have wished for, trust in us that we've reviewed every com

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