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Anyone can register as a XM Studios member and enjoy the benefits. Register over 4 items and become a Prestige member to enjoy more perks! Lear more about the memberhsip benefit below. To register, fill up your particulars in form on the right

Standard Prestige
Eligibility : Anyone can join Eligibility : Bought & registered over 4 items (Transferred Products does not count towards Prestige)
Receive exclusive updates from the XM boys directly.
Register any XM products online and claim your true ownership over extremely rare pieces of wonder! And when you are ready to let go of your collectible, you can use our self-service reliable online service to easily transfer ownership to the new owner.
Interested to buy an official XM Product from another collector but not sure if it’s the real deal? Check and verify if the product is registered to that seller so you know you’re not dealing with a scammer. We protect our collectors!
X Discounts on goods (10% off retail price) only applicable to online purchases on
X Original workshop statue repair or parts replacements (nominal costs to be advised based on extend of repair needed)
X Exclusive preview and eligibility to purchase extremely limited products only offered to Prestige Members and not general public.
X 10% additional chance at all lottery events*
* Lottery Events are only applicable to countries supported by XM Studios. More information on how the Lottery works will be revealed soon.