Hey there! At XM Studios, we are a small but easy bunch of guys to work with. However, in order to protect our business as well as ensure all parties (XM, Distributors and you) are treated fairly, we require customers to understand certain conditions. Please read through carefully and help us, help you!

XM Studios only has the license to operate in certain countries via official distributors - please check this page for the list of official distributors we are allowed to support. In order to obtain warranty, touch up or repair services, please ensure that you have registered your statue with us. There are only 4 types of situation you will find yourself in;

  1. You purchased our products from any of the listed official distributors. (Countries compliant) 

    You are Direct or 1st owner. 

    Action Required: There is no need to go further in this form nor contact XM; register your statue with us, and proceed to contact your distributor with your issues and they will handle it for you. If you feel a Distributor is not treating you fairly, kindly email us with an account of your situation to and we will help to review the case.
  2. You purchased our products directly from XM Studios online or retail store. (Countries compliant)

    You are Direct or 1st owner. 

    Action Required: Please remember to register your statue. After which you can proceed to fill up the ASSISTANCE FORM and XM will handle your request directly. IMPORTANT: Since you have purchased directly from XM, your shipping address field MUST be consistent and within the allowed countries XM can operate in. If you enter a different shipping address or have moved to a non compliant country, you will need to submit a proof of change in residency before XM can provide assistance (etc photo of your ID and address). These checks are imposed by our licensors, we seek your kind understanding.
  3. You have bought our products from non-authorized distributors or what we call a private dealers. 

    You are NOT Direct nor 1st owner. 

    Action Required: Please contact your seller directly as this is a private transaction between you and the seller. XM will only address any issues with the direct or 1st owners and we cannot be held accountable for future generations of buyers. For e.g. if there is breakage or issues during or post delivery from 1st owner to 2nd owner, the 2nd owner should seek compensation from 1st Owner, not XM Studios. As a general rule when buying items from private dealers (just like buying products off sellers in eBay), Please exercise your due diligence, if you are buying from private dealers, buy insurance for shipping and make sure your seller has shown proof of satisfactory conditions before you agree on the sale. Remember, you are buying from a private dealer, not XM, so it is the private dealer's responsibility to deliver you a product in good condition. NOTE: Your private seller should have checked for and accepted the products before selling to you. If your seller is unable to help and you would like to engage XM Studio's repair or touch up services (Charges apply), please refer to the next scenario (4).
  4. You are seeking Repair and Touch up Services from XM Studios (Charges Apply). 

    Open to all customers in all countries. 

    Action Required: Please proceed to fill up the ASSISTANCE FORM. XM will review the situation and reply with a quote for repair or alternate remedies. Shipping costs are borne by requestor. For this service, XM can ship anywhere in the world. 
XM Studios produces only a strict limited quantity of products to deter unauthorised recast of our products. This is to protect our customers' investments. As such, please understand replacement parts or exchanges can take anywhere from 2 to 4 months to complete as our replacements are mostly re-created from scratch from the workshops. We ask for your patience but be assured that we will definitely take care of you!