XM Studios awarded 2 wins - Best Statue Company of the Year and Best Large Scale Statue

2014 was an eventful year. Fans and members from popular online community, Statueforum has voted XM Studios as the Best Statue Company of the Year (2014) and also XM Studio's Captain America Premium Collectibles Statue as Best Large Scale (1:5 to 1:4) Statue of the year 2014. Hooooooly Batman!

We are super stoked by these wins but we also humbly believe the REAL winners are the hardworking factory workers, the insanely gifted talents we work with and last but not least, the community of collectors who have provided us with invaluable feedback. To all who have accompanied us on this amazing journey of making collecting statues fresh, exciting and fun again, our most sincere and heartfelt thanks.

For the ease of reference to the original awards source (http://www.statueforum.com/showthread.php?t=149021) We've lifted the content from the forum here.


Emerging onto the statue scene in 2014 like a house on fire, Singapore’s own XM Studios has collectors salivating at their innovative designs and superb level of detail and quality. Quickly emerging as an industry heavyweight, XM has earned itself a rabid fan base with unparalleled fan interaction, such as fan design contests (that’s right, you got to submit designs for some of their upcoming statues). Although they are working within only the Marvel Comics license (of course, the newly announced Top Cow license should be making an impact in 2015), XM has been pumping out character designs for some of Marvel’s flagship characters, causing fans to crack smiles from ear to ear. Only 2 statues reached collectors hands in 2014 (Captain America and Hulk), but 2015 stands to be a flagship year for the company with scheduled releases of Magneto, Thanos, & Phoenix just to name a few. Oh, and let’s not forget their partnership with Hand Made Objects in making 1/6 scale Marvel statues. XM fans have much to look forward to.

Best Compay


2014 was an incredible year for collectors in our fine hobby. Industry stalwarts continued to release fine statues for our consumption, but it was the emergence of something new, something fresh that won the hearts and minds of the fan base. It was XM Studios. XM has taken the industry by storm with their commitment to production quality, design excellence, and putting the fans first with their unparalleled level of fan interaction. Although 2014 only saw the release of two physical statues (winner of 2014 Best Large Scale Statue Captain America, and the enormous Incredible Hulk), it was perhaps another piece that caused people to take notice...Magneto. We've all seen it, it's now started to arrive in collectors hands with much fanfare, but it was the process that unfolded before all of our eyes in 2014 that set XM apart from the rest. Right from the early 3D models to the factory production, we were let in on the behind the scenes process and it was a treat. But, XM hasn't stopped there. With an absolutely stellar line-up of statues on tap for 2015, XM looks to be establishing itself as not only a major player in the industry, but a fan favorite as well.

Congratulations to XM Studios, winner of the 2014 StatueForum.com Best Statue Company Award (taking home 33.2% of the fan vote)!



Another come from behind victory! XM Studios Captain America judged by the fans to be the best large scale statue of 2014 with 21.89% of the fan vote! Let's hear it for the Star Spangled Man!!