XM Optimus Prime Updates

Dated: 09 Jan 2019

XM's first Transformer piece Optimus Prime first batch was originally scheduled to start shipping Dec 2018. The new revised shipping date is now Oct 2019 and we'd like to provide information on the delay reasons and also share some positive new updates as well. 

As our very first Transformer piece, we are more critical about the production partners we work with as the Transformer pieces are not only large, and complicated but also requires special paint finishing that looks as close to the intended metallic finish as possible. We are only working with 1 factory on this and not spreading the load amongst several factories so this means overall production is bottlenecked but please be assured the final product will be at its very best.

Due to recent market conditions and a general shortage of factories vs production demands, our production flow for this line is further affected by backlog catch ups but after reorganization efforts together with our production partner in the last 2 weeks, we are now confident of releasing the first batch in Oct.

On a more positive note, with the extra time for production, we are able to redo the packaging and share that we are now including substantial fan favorite special add on accessories that were originally omitted from the original release.

  • Optimus Prime will now ship with an extra arm switch out with hologram, and an extra portrait that is angled to be looking at that arm. 

  • All collectors who purchased at conventions (China, STGCC etc) will also be given a specially crafted certificate that is designed to display alongside the statue. This special certificate is also available to the first 30% purchase orders across all distributors and also from XM direct channels.

We sincerely apologise for causing any concerns and inconvenience to collectors due to the delay.

XM Team