Wolverine Brown Suit Updates

Updated 13th Feb 2019 (Short answer: You're gonna get the Metal Claws!)

Hours prior to official PO launch on our website, we've observed many collectors' concerns that our PO images are missing an important set up; a Forward 'stabbing' arms pose with METAL Claws, which has been seen in many convention set ups. Below are some images from conventions featuring the Metal claws.

If you refer to all the Cons photos, notice that the Bone claws version was never shown at Conventions - every set up used Metal claws and some collectors even asked us have we scrapped the cool Bone Claws? Turned out that the prototype set up team had in fact, incorrectly fitted Metal claws over the above set up when our original plan was to have Bone claws instead. (Whoops)

And that's why the official PO images at https://www.xm-studios.com/products/wolverine-brown.aspx (below) show only the Bone claws option for this pose, which was the original plan we had and therefore 'correct'.

The Metal claws were planned to be used for the 'wide stretched' arms pose (below). We wanted to keep the metal claw and bone claw poses different so display options are more varied.

But what an uncanny irony! This has become a learning lesson and we realized that collectors love the Metal Claw version for the forward stabbing pose! So we are going to do the right thing and provide an additional Metal Claw version switch outs for the forward stabbing pose - in other words, collectors can now choose between Bone or Claw for the forward stabbing pose. The wide stretched arms pose and Katana welding pose will remain the same. Speaking of which, a collector asked us to pose a photo of possible switch out permutations e.g. an arm holding a Katana and another arm with Metal Claws. Unfortunately, we do not have the prototype with us in our office at this moment but we did come across one photo showing an example of how a collector can create different arms poses options.

Ok this may not be the best photo or angle but hey it shows his right arm stabbing forward and left arm to the side. We'll leave it to you collectors to have fun trying out various combinations.

Also, we've made an update to the painting of Wolverine's neck to be the same black/dark brown color part of the mask which blends better from the neck to the body and improves the way the piece looks. Full credit goes to the collectors who helped in giving constructive suggestions to make this piece better.

As the page banner quote by Audrey Mclaughlin says "When you listen, it’s amazing what you can learn. When you act on what you’ve learned, it’s amazing what you can change." 

Thank you for helping us improve everyday. Happy Collecting!