More information on the XM Harley Rebirth Piece plus new High Res Photos!

Facebook usually resizes and optimises photos, also our website photos of Harley are limited to small viewable screen space so we thought it would be nice to share some super high resolution, untouched photos of Harley showcasing the little details that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. While a smaller piece statue is more cost efficient in terms of materials used i.e. a 1/4 scale statue uses more polyresin than a 1/6 in general, one of the biggest cost factors in producing a piece is actually the amount of human artistry and hand painting efforts required. It's not always true the smaller things are, the cheaper they are to produce (shipping on the other hand is often a guaranteed cost saving benefit though!). 

Another important consideration is the complexity or number of small parts that needs to be separately painted, finished and added back into the overall composition (such as Lobo which has a staggering over 80 small separate parts!) - naturally the more parts, the more work effort required and the more cost involved. Edition size or production run is also directly linked to pricing even if one doesn't care much for ES. To put it in perspective, a 1,500 or 2,000 run can provide production savings estimated between 20-35% which can be massive. A good analogy would be limited hand crafted luxury watches - the smaller, slimmer watches with more complicated parts in limited quantities are likely to be more expensive than larger less complicated watches. 

The XM's Harley Quinn rebirth design, from the hand painting complexity perspective, is the most complicated and tedious piece after Lobo. A simpler design, with less details, less colors and finishing would have been way more cost effective from a production perspective but at XM, us crazy bunch tend to push ourselves especially in visually exhilarating designs that seek to bring out the best in a character FIRST, and THEN we try to figure out the best ways of producing it as reasonably priced as we can. For certain pieces with designs such as Lobo and Harley, this translates to a higher cost than other pieces in the same line.

Community feedback remains one of our most important source of reality check and improvement inspirations. We understand that different collectors have different budgets and some may prefer to collect a line that is more consistently priced in relation to other pieces. To this point, we've spent the last 24 hours checking with factories on ways to create more cost efficient Harley and we've come up with a "Harley Focused" version without the Hyenas, Crackles and Giggles, which will be priced at SGD749 vs the version with Hyenas at SGD899. Below is a quick render of how the Harley focused version (without the Hyenas) looks;


We hope sharing a producer's perspective helps to provide some interesting insights and knowledge of how design, size, production and costs works. Enough of boring words... Let’s check out some photos (click to open up each image in a separate window and there should be an icon for you to view at high res size) and we hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed producing this lovely piece.