Contest Name: The XM-Alliance Project 2016 "Hulk Transformation"

Date of Entry: 15 March 2016 to 1st August 2016 (Deadline for last submission)
Target Date of Winner Announcement: 1st Oct 2016


Remember the fun discussions and debates over which design submissions for Blackbolt, Doc Strange and She Hulk were best in XM Alliance 2014? Well the good times are BACK! The XM Alliance 2014 contest encouraged exchanges of ideas via polls and discussions; and TOGETHER with the collectors community, XM Studios had the extreme honor of producing these 3 community designed statues. We've already shipped BlackBolt off to 2014's winner/designer with Doc Strange and She Hulk following soon after, so to continue XM Studio's tradition of encouraging creativity and community participation, we are excited to present 2016's Alliance Project Theme - “Hulk Transformation”! In order to create a more efficient judging process and elevate the quality of submissions for 2016, we are calling out sculptors, traditional or digital, professionals or hobbyists to create their interpretation of these 2 words "Hulk Transformation" into a sculpture form (The line art process has been dropped).



  • USD10,000 prize money for the winning sculpt
  • XM Studios will produce the winning sculpt as part of our 1/4 scale Premium Statues line. The winner will be credited as the sculptor. Something to add to the portfolio and resume ☺
  • A final production piece of the statue – signed by XM Studios’ Creative Head Seng, shipped to the winner in any part of the World
  • Last but not least, the experience of working with the XM Studios art team from start to finish for this piece. May open opportunities to sculpting projects on future XM Studios projects.

Rules of Engagement

  • XM Studios will accept only 3D rendered artwork or photos of sculpted work (no line art please). There must be at least 4 angles, Front view, Right Side view, Left Side View and Back View + 2 close ups on the Portrait submitted per entry. We prefer submissions in high res JPEGs maximum 2mb in size per image. Submit to bryan@xm-studios.comand provide your full name, contact details and address. No restrictions on nationality or country of origins – this is open to all!
  • Participants can submit more than 1 idea/pose/setup but note that only a maximum of 3 ideas per participant will be considered.
  • XM Studios reserves the right to tweak the winning entry for engineering stability, production reasons or licensor approval reasons.
  • Note that the final produced work should be ¼ scaled – apply level of details accordingly.
  • There will only be 1 winner, XM Studios takes community votes seriously but final decision will be made by XM Studios factoring engineering, Licensee approval and production feasibility.
  • We may showcase the finalists at STGCC 2016 (South East Asia’s biggest Comic Con) to get final influencing votes.
  • Deadline for last entry is 1st July 2016. Finalists decided by XM Studios will be posted on our Facebook and to get polling results and community feedback.

Things to Note (Creative Requirements)

  • Style must be based on Comics style (any artist’s style) – NOT Movie, Animated or Game Style. Any version of Hulk can be used (Green, Grey, Red etc)
  • Do study XM’s current products and factor in portraits that are semi-realistic instead of cartoony. Textures and details are important – so is the base design. Try to tell a story via this piece.
  • 3D rendering need not be in full colour rendering but welcomed (no extra points).
  • We ask that participants keep an open mind and expect that there WILL LIKELY BE ROUND OF CHANGES before we get to the final sculpt - such is the process of commercial sculpting approval workflow (be it XM or Marvel) so don't say we didn't warn you! ;)


Let the creative juices flow, go crazy with your ideas!