Contest Name: The XM-Alliance Project 2014
Date of Entry: 1st September to 1st November 2014 (2 months)

Calling all XM Studios friends and statue community members - love our statues? Like the way we listen to your feedback and inputs? Now we are taking it to the next level! We know deep down inside every collector, is that dream of one day designing and creating his/her very own statue... XM Studios is going to make that dream come true!

XM Studios is excited to announce the XM-Alliance Project 2014 where we want YOU to submit the statue designs you want US to make! The XM Studios Brand has always been about collaboration of the planet's finest talents which includes all of you peeps! We believe every collector has that creative spark waiting to be unleashed. :)

So here's how the XM-Alliance Project works; XM Studios is going to produce the following classic comics statues in 2014;

  1. She Hulk
  2. Black bolt
  3. Doctor Strange

Everyone, regardless of age, gender or location (yes, it's a worldwide project!), can participate by sending us drawings or sketches of what you feel best represent that character. XM Studios will collect all ideas and our super cool panel of judges* will select the best designs - the winner will get the very rare ARTIST PROOF Edition piece of that final produced statue FOR FREE, shipped to you no matter where you live! Everyone else will get their names printed on the packages as a proof of their participation - your names forever immortalized as contributing designers to XM Studios!


All entries will be judged and progressively revealed on our website over 3 stages;

  • 1st - 30th Sept 2014: Qualifying Stage 
    (where we filter out designs that are not possible or too difficult to produce)
  • 1st - 28th Oct 2014 Semi-Finals 
    (where we open the designs to the public for voting)
  • 29th to 31st Oct 2014 Finals 
    (The 3 judges' decision is final and the winner announced)


*Judges: Creative Director Seng Ang, Art Director Erick Sosa (Star Lord) & Art Director Skan Srisuwan.

Note that XM Studios reserves the final rights to amend the statue design in order to ensure it is practical to be produced and that the structural design is feasible.


Mode of submission: Kindly email scans of your designs/sketches to, stating your full name, mailing address and contact number. Please be nice to Bryan and try to limite your image sizes to 2-3 mb or so. Do not worry if you're not an artist! As long as we can recognize the character and the pose, that's good enough for us as an eligible idea!


Let the Alliance begin... the XM-Alliance Project commences!