We hear you, fans! 


We're currently reviewing the head sculpts for Hulk and Robert Downey Jr after receiving many constructive feedbacks (some were pretty... 'destructive' but hey we take it in our stride!)  We acknowledge that we are a new company and there are still many many areas in where we can improve so we will keep trying!


We will be posting WIP of the new sculpts to get some feedback - this is our vision of true collaboration. With the talented artists, sculptors we work with and also with the very people who are the collectors of our products.


Still, the saying goes, 'you can't please everyone' so our plans are to show the WIP as soon as we get our hands on them (which is coming to quite abit of extra costs to us), and compile feedback for a couple of weeks before we decide on the final version we will use. We also have to be honest that our collectors who have already preordered will have a heavier weightage in this matter - after all they have ordered what they have seen so we have to be fair to them.


Watch this space! WIPs coming up in a couple of weeks!