Important Notice about Lil Monsters

UPDATE: 15 June 2016

We have made some good progress since last week. 80% of all Daredevil orders and 90% of Thor orders have been sent invoices for the Balance payment, with 10% off XM's retail price to help negate shipping costs. All these customers should not inccur additional costs. Once DD and Thor is fully sorted out, next up will be Dr Strange, followed by Ironman Mark 7 (which is still in QC phase).

As the Entire XM management team will be heading to Las Vegas from 18th to 27th June for a work trip (Licensing Show), the next update will resume on the Wed 29th June.


Posted: 8 June 2016

Raz from Lil Monsters visited XM Studios to explain and discuss how to handle the current situation. Firstly, XM will still handle all products that has yet to shipped (refer to list below, and we are starting with Daredevil, Dr Strange and Thor). Already, we have started contacting collectors and as of today we have resolved 5 cases out of the approximate 50 cases (some cases are more complicated as it involves resellers). It should get faster as we start to clear away the mess. In resolved cases so far, customers has not lost any money and will still get their products. We have also offered a 10% off retail price to help negate any shipping costs (and still end up cheaper than Disti price). This is to help collectors out.

As for the items that have shipped as listed in previous updates (e.g. Blackbolt), Lil Monsters have given us assurance they will settle them, either by refund or shipping the stocks. The stocks are with Lil Monsters and they have pledged to fulfill them. Internally, XM has set up a shared document with Lil Monsters so any resolved cases put forth by Lil Monsters, we will do another check with the customers separately to ensure it is properly resolved.

Many customers are also asking about whether they will still get their PO products even if Lil Monsters refunded. E.g. Ghost Rider, Batman etc. We have set aside the stocks for Malaysia customers so most if not all who originally ordered via Lil Monsters (with proof) will still get their products.

Raz has expressed that Lil Monsters will continue to operate and he will cooperate with us to resolve all cases. In the last 24 hours, he has been working hard with us with updates and we will continue to keep all updated on our progress weekly. Tomorrow we are meeting a reseller of Lil Monsters to better understand the current situation and explore more solutions.

On a more positive note, we wish our Malaysia Collectors Community a blessed and joyous Ramadan!


Posted: 1 June 2016

We have created a list to help customers know what they should seek refunds for. Based on all the cases we’ve received, please note if you have paid for deposits for the below items, you should get a refund from Lil Monsters as they have collected these deposits without confirmation from XM (meaning unaccounted ordering). Lil Monsters have no right to deny refunds as these orders are unconfirmed by XM and they WILL NOT be able to deliver these products. ;

  • Batman
  • Ironman Classic
  • Sandman
  • Kraven

Reminder: For shipped items, please refer to posted 30/5/16 update (previous post) on your next steps. 

As for the other products listed below, you do not need to seek refund from Lil Monsters. XM Studios will issue customers balance payment invoice and ship product directly to customers from Singapore. Kindly note for exceptional cases (only a few at the moment) where certain customers have paid in full or if the item is over committed by Lil Monsters (e.g. they sold off more than they should), these cases will take longer to resolve and we will work out the best way to help collectors;

  • Daredevil
  • Dr Strange
  • Medusa
  • Mark 7
  • Thor
  • She Hulk
  • Elektra
  • Ghost Rider
  • HX-Red Skull
  • HX-Black Widow
  • Mysterio

We have started to contact collectors to resolve Daredevil cases as of today and will continue to do our best to ensure no or minimal loss to collectors.


Posted: 30/05/2016

Firstly, thank you all for being patient, we know it must not be easy. We will continue to use this dedicated page to provide regular updates to affected customers. Today, we will share our process and approach on how XM can help Malaysia customers. We hope this transparency will help to alleviate some stress and pressure.

  1. We have finished consolidated most, if not all cases. We are still tallying total number of orders vs what was allocated to Lil Monsters so we can assess and provide a fair solution to all customers. Couple of reasons why this took awhile; we’ve had to sift out claims on non XM products (We receive claims for other brands’ products. XM is reaching out to help XM customers, for other brands, we can’t help because we don’t carry them, we can’t deliver those items etc). Many submissions are sent in different emails with different information and blurry pictures of receipts. Some are not clear whether they have collected or contra off with other items with Lil Monsters. In short, it’s a mess, that’s why it takes time, please be patient with us.
  2. We will be resolving cases by products starting with Daredevil, Dr Strange, Ironman Mark 7 as these products are in the process of shipping. By delivering ready items to affected customers, we can clear off lists one at a time so customers can get some products in hands first. We are now shifting all affected products delivery to prioritize for Malaysia collectors first to help them get their products faster to help alleviate the frustration. We will then move towards yet to be delivered products such as Batman, Sandman, Mysterio, HX Black widow etc. So for customers who ordered more than one XM Product, take note that we will resolve your cases one product at a time so please be patient with the others on your list. We will get them all. 
  3. To the above point, from this week onwards, we will be posting updates every Wed until we resolve all cases. This will provide regular updates to the Malaysian Collectors community our weekly progress. (please try to avoid calling us every 5 minutes - it actually slows things down and distract us from pushing faster. Calls to cheer us on and sending red bull to help us work through the nights are however appreciated ;))
  4. For products that have been shipped to Lil Monsters such as;
    1. Wolverine (shipped to Lil Monsters 9/6/15) 1 reported case
    2. Ms Marvel (Shipped 30/10/15)  - 2 reported cases
    3. HX Loki (Shipped 19/8/15) – 2 reported cases
    4. Thanos (Shipped 12/1/16) – 3 reported cases
    5. Blackbolt (Shipped 6/4/16)  - 4 reported cases

The above products have been delivered to Lil Monsters, XM Studios no longer have these stocks with us so there is no way for us to fulfil these products from our end. Given that we  issue out 40-60 units per product, it means majority of customers already collected their stocks. We suggest the few collectors who have yet to collect the above to continue seeking the products at Lil Monster’s store as Lil Monsters is the one holding your stocks. Please understand there is little we can do for these items as our products are limited editions so we cannot produce extras. We understand some customers have collected some of the stocks without paying balance to Lil Monsters or made contra deals so we are hoping the damages are kept to a minimum.

Very importantly, XM Studios has announced publicly not to purchase any XM Products via Lil Monsters on the 28 April (Darkness PO). AGAIN, DO NOT PAY OR ORDER ANY XM PRODUCT from Lil Monsters. We have stopped supplying them any more goods including Ironman Mark 7. If you have made Deposit orders for XM products that has yet to be shipped, do what you must and protect yourself, e.g. insist on getting a refund or contra off with available goods if you are comfortable. BlackBolt was our last shipped product, XM Studios will not send them any more products given the unstable nature. E.g. Ironman Mark 7 will not be sent to them. XM will send the stocks directly to Customers. Their Non refundable policy should not hold since they are unable to deliver the goods - and we are officially announcing they will not receive the goods.

Please understand we don’t have access to Lil Monster customer base so the best we can do is announce publicly on our website and facebook. Please help your fellow Malaysia collector community and pass on the message. We will be unable to help customers who continue to transact with Lil Monsters on XM products despite our public announcements. E.g. if you made payment to Lil Monsters after 28 April 2016, please seek a refund or resolve with Lil Monsters directly as we have no control or access to their finance or stocks.

Will keep all of you updated soon again this coming Wed. The Force will be with us.


POSTED 23/05/2016

IMPORTANT: DO NOT ORDER XM STUDIOS PRODUCTS FROM LIL MONSTERS. To be transparent, we are still unsure what is happening with Lil Monsters till date. As recent as last week from this post, Lil Monsters posted on their FB they are looking into the XM orders and some Malaysian Customers have feedback that they are confused whether to follow through with Lil Monsters or with XM Studios. Lil Monster remains unreachable to us despite multiple attempts to connect. We had sincerely hope Lil Monsters can resolve the issues themselves but this have taken too long and our confidence shaken like many Malaysian Collectors. Please be note that Lil Monster will no longer be a distributor of XM Studios products - DO NOT PLACE ANY ORDERS WITH THEM! For the near future, XM Studios will be handling all Malaysia orders direcly via our website and we will ensure Malaysian collectors get same or even better final price than what Lil Monsters was offering.

As for customers with previous orders still unfulfilled by Lil Monsters, we have been consolidating Malaysian Customers' orders daily. Given the large number of submissions, we estimate we will need 2-3 months to sort out the whole situation, so we ask that Malaysian collectors be patient with us. No one will be left unattended and everyone will be accounted for. We will try to work harder and faster but this is an unexpected situation and we really have to work round the clock to audit all submissions. You may wish to continue trying with Lil Monsters (it seems they have a new team attending to some customers) but XM Studios will start processing each orders as if they were our own.

We will be in touch with everyone with updates in these next 2-3 months, we understand it is a time of worry and frustration (as we share the same feelings) but please bear with it, we will see it through all the way, together.


POSTED 28 April 2016

We have been receiving feedback and concerns from Malaysia collectors about distributor lil monsters. As of this post, we advise Malaysia collectors to avoid ordering XM products and the darkness product tonight from them while we look into this matter. Please rest assured Xm studios will be on the side of collectors so please be patient as we try to find out more information. We might just be over sensitive but we rather protect the interests of collectors first.