XM is proud to announce that we have joined hands with Keos Masons to bring you 1/4 scale premium collectibles based on characters set in the Neo-Apocalypse world, set in a period of great strife where a great divide exists between the Humans and the Androids— objects of their own creation. This conflict devastates the human population, and a new era is born, with the Androids now ruling over most of Earth.
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The 4 Horsemen are a group of sentient beings who fought for their independence and declared humankind to be unfit to inhabit the planet. In order to recover the planet's equilibrium, they united every Android to eradicate humankind. Visit to learn more about the lore of fragmented New World set on Earth, in an era not so far into the future from our own…
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So came the first, clad in the rigid plates crafted by ourselves -  its creators, though now hardened by a preternatural aura, strengthened by daemonic whispers.



Then came the second, steeped in the rancid stench of man's darkest desires, it held itself with nymphlike haughtiness, built up by a life's worth of unwarranted perversion.



Thus came the third, thinned as the children that thieve our merchants, yet stood strong as a fattened Lord, its movement sweeping the surrounding fields as would a harvester, reclaiming all to compensate nourishment once lacked.



And so came the last, swiftly levitating as a shadowy blur upon its hellish steed, preceded by a bombardment of overlapping, impish whispers and cackles.

Marco Plouffe Talks About Neo-Apocalypse


Check out this in-depth interview with Marco Plouffe - the creator of Neo-Apocalypse - to learn more about the process behind the project, his collaboration with XM Studios as well as his future plans on expanding this universe.

XM is also working on the next line of statues called The Archangels, an elite warrior group that serve as the defenders of mankind against the androids.

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Founded in 2012, XM Studios is a Singapore-based global design studio specialising in the creation of hand-crafted luxury collectibles. XM Studios is recognised annually by various international industry bodies as one of the best design houses in pop culture collectibles, having scooped up numerous awards from community-led events such as the Statue Forum Awards. XM Studios was the winner of Singapore's Emerging Enterprise Award in 2018 and was previously awarded a prestigious "Mickey" award by Disney for Product of the Year.


Marco Plouffe and Cédric Seaut founded Keos Masons with the goal of assembling a group of skilled artists that can provide creative designs, IPs and quality digital assets. Together they operate a AAA character art studios that worked with many giants of their industries on incredible projects and brands such as: The Witcher, Baldur's Gate, Horizon Forbidden West, PUBG, Deus Ex, Mass Effect, Apex Legends, Overwatch, Borderlands, and, of course, XM Studios!
Since its creation, Keos Masons has been working on many world-building projects. Neo-Apocalypse is the result of this kind of effort.