Edition Size: 999

“What should I do with such almighty power? The answer to that is actually quite simple: Anything I want.”


XM Studios is excited to present our next Marvel Premium Collectibles series statue, Thanos ! The Mad Titan Thanos, consumed with the concept of Death and in one of Marvel’s most popular story arcs, wielded the infinity gauntlet and cosmic cube making him an omnipotent being. The amazingly detailed 1:4 scale cold-cast porcelain each painstakingly handcrafted statue stands at approximately 26 inches tall and every piece individually hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish. Featuring 3 interchangeable heads, 3 sets of left and right arms bearing the infinity gauntlet, cosmic cube and helmet, the options of displaying this omnipotent behemoth is endless!



Born on Titan , young Thanos was ostracized because of his hideous mutant nature. Morose and withdrawn, he became obsessed with Death. Gathering an army of mercenaries, he set out to conquer and destroy. Now infamous as the Mad Titan, Thanos’s atrocities include eradicating half of the life forms in the universe with the Infinity Gauntlet.

The Thanos Premium Collectibles statue features:


  • Approximately 57 cm tall (head to toe)
  • Three (2) switch out portrait for alternate display
  • Three (2) interchangeable left and right arms for alternate display
    - left and right hands holding cosmic cube
    - left arms victory pose showing the infinity gauntlet
    - left arms crunch fist show the infinity gauntlet
    - right hands with open hand
  • Crafted from cold-cast porcelain 
  • Limited edition : 999
  • Art print specially designed by Studio Hive
  • Limited Silver Plated coin




  • Studio HIVE (Design and Concept)
  • Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra (Sculpt)
  • XM Studios Design and Development Team (Design and Concept)


Manufactured by:
XM Studios

Product size : 66cm  H X 33cm L X 28cm B

Est. Box Size : 80.7cm H X 65.7cm L X 38.7cm B

Est. Product Weight : 17kg

Est. shipping weight : 28kg


Note: Prototype shown and pending final approval, final product may differ


SGD $899.90

SGD $809.91
Brunei Darussalam , Hong Kong , Indonesia , Malaysia , Philippines , Singapore , Thailand
SGD $300.00

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