Royal Selangor Batman Shogun Pewter Ver

Worldwide Availability Edition Size: 500

Presenting Royal Selangor's replica of Batman Shogun in Pewter and Gilt Version! 

This is the Pewter Version
If you are interested in the Gilt Version, click here

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In this dramatic replica, Batman Shogun rides his war horse over the demolished effigy of his nemesis the Joker, an explicit metaphor for the triumph of good over evil. Whilst both human and equine armour reference a style and construction typical of the Edo period, their aesthetic speaks with a bat’s unmistakeable design vocabulary. Batman and his mount are exquisitely reproduced in brushed pewter, with the Joker’s crushed debris in bonded porcelain.

Product and Box Dimensions
approximately 1/9 Scale
Product size : H30cm (H31.5cm with spear assembled) including base x 27.5cm x 17cm
Est. Box Size : 50.5 cm L X 40.5 cm B X 33.7 cm H (estimate)  

Est. Product Weight : 6.04 kg (estimate)
Est. shipping weight : 7.75 kg (estimate)

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2 Europe (DE, IT, FR, FI, AT, NO, CH, SE, ES, PL, BE) 290
3 United Kingdom (ENG, SCO) 260
4 South East Asia (MY, INDO, TH, PH, VN) 170 - 210
5 East Asia (CN, HK) 140 - 180
6 Australia & New Zealand 250 - 295
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