Edition Size: 388

"Here is the answer to your demands. Compromise...? Never."


XM Studios is excited to present our next Marvel Premium Collectibles series statue, Namor! The Sub-Mariner and King of Atlantis is immortalized in amazingly detailed 1:4 scale cold-cast porcelain. Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish. The Lord of the Seven Seas is perched atop a Giant Octopus, brandishing a golden spear in a regal pose. Collect Namor, Hulk and Dr Strange to form your own Defenders Team!



Namor's father, American seaman Leonard McKenzie, embarked on an expedition to Antarctica in 1920. During the journey, McKenzie had to set explosive charges to break up ice floes in the ship's path, unaware that Atlantis lay beneath the waters. Atlantean Emperor Thakorr commanded his daughter Fen to investigate the cause of the explosions. In a strange twist of fate, Fen and McKenzie quickly fell in love and were married. Afterwards, Fen returned to Atlantis. Nine months later, Namor was born the first known Homo sapien - Homo mermanus hybrid. The Sub-Mariner was a founding member of the loosely knit group of heroes known as the Defenders, brought together with Doctor Strange and the Hulk.

The Namor Premium Collectibles statue features:

  • A huge and imposing base depicting the Lord of the Seven Seas atop a giant octopus
  • Crafted from cold-cast porcelain 
  • Limited edition : 388
  • Art print by Studio Hive



  • Studio HIVE (Illustrator, Design and Concept Collaboration with XM Studios)
  • Avi Ay Sculpture (Sculpt)
  • XM Studios Design and Development Team

Manufactured by:
XM Studios


Note: Prototype shown and pending final approval, final product may differ


Product size : 92 cm  H X 67 cm L X 63 cm B

Est. Box Size : 79 cm H X 79 cm L X 57 cm B

Est. Product Weight : 26.65 kg

Est. shipping weight : 42.7kg


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