Mickey Around The World - Box Set B

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Celebrate the return of global travel with Mickey & Minnie! Wherever your destination of choice, savour the thrill of creating your holiday bucket list with award-winning global design studio XM’s first line of Disney collectibles: Mickey Around the World!

Great things come in small packages, with our iconic creativity bursting out 4-inch collectibles that fit perfectly at work or at home. Each Mickey collectible boasts an adorable stuffed animal, while Minnie collectibles are adorned with flowers for an extra feminine touch.

Our first release in this series presents the cultural icons of Singapore, Japan, China and Thailand. Collect them all and reignite your holiday joy as we look forward to reopened borders!

Box Set B includes:

  1. Minnie Singapore Edition
    The iconic Merlion, a mythical beast with a lion’s head and fish’s tail, combines Singapore’s history as a fishing village with its nickname, Lion City. The Vanda Miss Joaquim, a beautiful and hardy orchid hybrid, reflects the young nation’s resilient spirit.
  2. Mickey Japan Edition
    A symbol of fidelity and long life, red-crowned cranes, one of the rarest birds in the world, are sacred in Japan.
  3. Minnie China Edition
    China’s national treasure, the cuddly panda is a beloved and ecologically protected animal symbolising balance, friendship and peace. The delicate, elegant peony, which stands for prosperity, is a common sight in many Chinese classical paintings and poems.
  4. Mickey Thailand Edition
    Native to Thailand, Siamese cats are legendary as a symbol of good luck, with some believing they can ward off evil spirits.
  5. Minnie Singapore Edition Black & White (Exclusive Variant only for Box Sets)
  6. Mickey Singapore Edition Sepia (Exclusive Variant only for Box Sets)

Mickey and Minnie collectibles in Black & White, Sepia are available only exclusively with Box Set purchases.

With Box Set B, Click here for Box Set A to complete your Mickey Around the World Collection!

If you wish to purchase them individually, click through them below:

  1. Mickey Singapore Edition
  2. Minnie Singapore Edition
  3. Mickey Japan Edition
  4. Minnie Japan Edition
  5. Mickey China Edition
  6. Minnie China Edition
  7. Mickey Thailand Edition
  8. Minnie Thailand Edition


SGD $151.90
Afghanistan , Bahrain , Brunei Darussalam , China , Egypt , Hong Kong SAR , India , Indonesia , Jordan , Kuwait , Lao People's Democratic Republic , Lebanon , Libya , Malaysia , Oman , Philippines , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , Singapore , Thailand , United Arab Emirates , Vietnam , Yemen
SGD $151.90

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