XM Photo Contest

Contest Title: XM Mood Photography Contest
Contest Theme: Creative Photography utilizing lighting and background to evoke emotions.
Last Entry: 30th July 2017
Region: Contest is open to anyone and everyone
What is the difference between a good photograph and an excellent one? First of all, an excellent photo is the one, which conveys not only the visual image, but the emotional environment as well. When a picture shows the emotion, it usually refers to mood photography. Anyone can take a ‘product photo’ but the real challenge is to make it into an Art of communicating with the audience through visual imagery.
Our dedication to our craft also extends to our appreciation in art and fine photography. This community activity is targeted at collectors with a gift behind the lens. Please avoid digital touch ups or modifications, use natural lens effects or lighting to create your mood shot of your favorite XM statue.
Time to get your cameras out, creative juices flowing and share some mood photography!
The Xm Team will be choosing 3 winners with the best mood shot for this contest and will be announced on our facebook and website. Winner's photos will be featured on our facebook and website. The 3 winners will walk away with;
  • 1st Prize: 1/4 Scale Captain America (Sentinel of Liberty Version)
  • 2nd Prize: 1/4 Scale She Hulk
  • 3rd Prize: 1/6 Scale HX Thor (Marvel Assemble)
  1. Upload your mood photo on Instagram
  2. Include the hashtag #xmphotocontest in your Instagram mood photo post