XM Featured Digital Artist: Paul Tan!

Impromptu Interview date: 28th August 2019

Get to know the unsung heroes behind XM, the team and driving force that makes XM... XM!
Today, we sat down with XM resident Digital Sculptor and Artist, Paul Tan for some hard hitting questions. 
[Bryan]: Dude. Tell us a little more about yourself, like who the hell you are and what the hell are you doing inside this office?
[Paul]: I'm Singaporean. I'm here because I'm Singaporean.
[Bryan]: Oooooh-kaaaay... Can you share just a teensy little bit more?
[Paul]: I've been in XM for coming close to 2 years now. My favorite characters are Power Girl, Zatanna etc - sexy ladies. (Bryan nods and approves)
[Bryan]: What did you used to do before XM?
[Paul]: I worked in the video gaming industry and was sculpting some of my own original work when I got scouted by XM.
[Bryan]: Favorite Comic and shows?
[Paul]: Dragon Ball. Game of Thrones (MINUS the last 4 seasons).
[Bryan]: What are some of your most recent XM work?
[Paul]: 1/6 Catwoman, 1/6 Mera and 1/6 Red Death. 


[Bryan]: Name some sculptors who inspire you. 
[Paul]: Senpais Marthin and Hery. Daniel Bel, Alvaro.
[Bryan]: Any characters that you would personally like to get a chance to work on?
[Paul]: I prefer to work on the more 'hidden' or non mainstream characters (cough - Batman), under represented characters with lots of character and background story. Like Bizarro. (Bryan winks)
[Bryan]: Organic (Anatomy) or Hard Surface (Machines etc)?
[Paul]: Organic for sure. I hate Hard Surface work. (Bryan makes a note to assign Transformers to Paul)
[Bryan]: We get asked this a million times... now's my turn to ask this; Favorite XM piece?
[Paul]: Weapon X. Cyclops. 
[Bryan]: Person you hate most in XM?
[Paul]: Bryan.
[Bryan]: Frag you too bro.
[Paul]: You know the coffee I always make for you? I always add 'ingredients' in it.
[Bryan]: *Looking disturbed' ooohhh kaaay... moving on..... 
[Bryan]: Any words of encouragement or tips for sculptors new to the biz?
[Paul]: Need to get to know the right people (just kidding). Social media is important, get yourself known. 
[Bryan]: Last but not least and because I've run out of intelligent questions to ask - Name a favorite Hentai show.
[Paul]: I don't watch Hentai. I prefer real porn. 
[Bryan]: Frag you bro. End of interview.
Meanwhile, Paul is also an avid tea and coffee lover, he has training as a coffee Barista and everyone in the office loves the coffee he makes. Paul would like to retire in Chiang Mai one day.