XM at STGCC 2017

STGCC celebrates its 10th year anniversary this year and we are honored to once again be the Platinum Sponsor (As usual check out the XM theme Arch entrance with hints of new products). As a Singapore based company, we are proud of how far Singapore has grown in terms of pop culture maturity. The crowd, the people, the overseas guests - it just gets better and better! 

This year, XM is going for an eco-friendly convention set up to do our part for the environment. We've decided to do away with the usual wood based set up which is typically torn down and cast aside at the end of the convention. Instead we are implementing a re-usable set up which is sustainable and reduces wastage of raw materials. Do let us know what you think about the new look - listening to feedback remains one of our core principles. 

Image Courtesy of Come See Toys

In addition, we have also considered the long queueing time (last year was average of 5 hours) and will be increasing counters as well as more manpower to help collectors have an easier time acquiring our products.

STGCC remains one of XM's most important event where we showcase our secret projects and reveal new product concepts to the public for the first time. The most wanted and requested information for STGCC is of course our coveted PO List! This list shows many never before published new products (meaning the convention has the highest chance of acquiring these limited pieces) as well as limited units legacy products we reserve for special occasions. The list in PDF format can be downloaded here.

Please use the list to help plan your purchases in advance - remember, have a back up plan B, C or even D because some popular items can sell out very fast. If you miss out on a particular item, go for the next item in your wishlist and don't worry about what you've missed out. True collectors know that the thrill of hunting your elusive personal grails is a very real part of why this hobby is so satisfying.

The list only shows what will be open for Pre Ordering at the Convention - what's a convention without revealing bold new concepts and mind blowing ideas only XM is crazy enough to try? There will be no spoilers from us. Come to the event and see for yourself... self... self... self.... (echo fades away to silence)