It’s Singapore’s biggest Comic Con event again and XM is proud to be the STGCC Platinum Sponsor (Do check out our cool XM themed Arch entrance before you enter the convention!) This year, XM will be showcasing a GINORMOUS number of new products line up which includes one special particular GINORMOUS collectible! ;) You just have to see it in person to believe it!

So what can you expect at the XM booth? Many new products, some to be seen for the first time at the convention! Lots of exciting concepts and work-in-progress! Large crowds of passionate collectors and statues enthusiasts!

And when there’s a crowd + limited edition collectibles, there’s likely going to be a queue going, and the common fear (it’s real) of your target collectibles being sold out before you get your chance to order. To get the best chance of acquiring our products, we have created a useful PDF guide.

Remember, we can only ship our products to these countries so please take note when ordering;

  • Marvel Products can only be shipped within SEA, CN & HK
  • Star Wars Products can only be shipped within SEA
  • DC Products can only be shipped within SEA
  • Transformers Products can only be shipped within SEA, CN, HK, KR and AU
  • Top Cow, Jade Dynasty, Takeya’s Ogre God can be shipped Worldwide