XM Merchandise

XM Studios is excited to launch a specially curated range of merchandise and lifestyle products for serious and casual collectors alike! 
From storage solutions for switch-out parts to handcrafted art prints and even a care pack with tools to help collectors maintain and clean their statues, this range of merchandise has been launched as part of XM's wider collective move of producing more lifestyle products, apparel and IP-related collectibles for collectors to enjoy. 



XM Utility Foldable Crate

A solution for storing statue parts. It is stackable and collapses conveniently when not in use. The crate secures your items with a lock function on the lid. It can support a maximum load of 70kg.


XM Pick and Pluck Foam

Foam designed to cushion and protect statue parts. Easily "pluckable" to allow for personalisation. Can be fitted back to allow for flexibility when reorganising statue parts.


XM Care Pack

An absolute must-have for statue collectors, the XM Care Pack includes tools to help collectors maintain, dust and clean their statues.


XM Art Print (Coming Soon)

XM will be a doing a phased release of art prints based on well-loved art statue collectibles with over 20 layers of screen printing on 100% black Plike paper.


XM Campers Mug

A stainless steel double walled mug with an airtight lid. It can keep beverages warm or cold for several hours and holds up to 14oz (~414ml) of liquid.


XM Campers Tumbler

A stainless steel double walled tumbler with an airtight lid. It can keep beverages warm or cold for several hours and holds up to 20oz (~591ml) of liquid.


XM Tote Bag

Designed in house and made from nylon and polyester so it is durable and lightweight. Comes fitted with an inner pocket to store small valuables in as well as a snap button to close the bag. 


XM Cap

This cap features a mesh design on the sides, allowing for ventilation and it comes with a drawstring panel at the back of the cap with an adjustable paracord.


XM Enamel Pins

The XM Enamel Pin features a flathead spring lock buckle and a sandblasting finish. Made from die-strucking techniques, the pin is  easy to clean and retains its polish for a longer period of time.


XM Umbrella

An automatic foldable umbrella that provides both rain and sun protection. Its waterproof fabric is held in place by a foldable structure made up of narrow ribs extending from the top of the handle.

XM Notebook

The XM Notebook consists of 100 pages. The pages on the left are blank and the pages on the right are printed in equidistant finite lines. Printed with quality Japanese paper.


XM Straw Set

The XM Reusable Straw Set consists of a thick stainless-steel straw (1 cm in diameter), a thin stainless-steel straw (0.4 cm in diameter) and a straw brush. Both straws and straw brush are stored in a fitted leather case with a snap button.